Leading the way for 30 years

A.V.A. Limited boasts a rich, almost centennial history. Established in 1930, the company took on its current name in 1936, embarking on an illustrious journey that would intertwine with world events. During the tumultuous years of the Second World War, our founder, Thorald, traversed the country using his son’s wartime petrol coupons. His mission? To deliver mountings to customers for use on crucial instruments mounted in Bomber Command.

In those early days, A.V.A. Limited was a close-knit family affair, with a handful of employees, most of them carrying the Pentony family name. Our commitment to quality and service, even under the most challenging circumstances, has always been a defining characteristic of our business, standing the test of time. As we move forward, we carry this rich heritage and enduring spirit of resilience with us, manifest in every product we create.

“AVA have been very helpful in supporting us through many technically challenging projects. Their can-do attitude and experience in the field makes them a great supplier to work with.”

Still a family business

Over the decades, the A.V.A. Limited team has dynamically adapted to meet the evolving needs of the business. From our modest beginnings, we have grown and streamlined as necessary, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and agility. Today, our strong team consists of ten dedicated individuals, including two Pentony family members who continue the family tradition, working diligently within the office. This blend of familial legacy and fresh perspectives enables us to stay true to our roots while continually innovating for the future. Despite changes in size and scope, our focus remains unchanged: delivering exceptional products and services that uphold the A.V.A. Limited reputation for quality.

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“We love what we do and it gives me great satisfaction that so many companies rely on us for their vibration solutions.” Sean Pentony – Director

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