Bobbin Mountings

The typical anti-vibration mount made in a wide variety of configurations to suit almost any application

The two-bolt series covers an expansive range of products, each with distinct load deflection characteristics. Typically, these mountings come with a male fixing at each end, though various lengths of fixings are available for some mountings. Some models offer male/female fixings, and in certain cases, female/female fixings can be supplied.

Each series in the two-bolt line is manufactured in a variety of hardness rubber compounds, allowing for a broad range of load deflection characteristics. It is advisable to select a mounting from the middle of the load range required to ensure good service life, particularly when large amplitudes need to be isolated. This practice can lead to more efficient operation and increased lifespan of the machinery.

Mountings with female fixings are generally stiffer than those with male fixings. This is because the female metal part intrudes into the rubber body, reducing the elasticity of the mounting. The mounting’s size and shape usually dictate whether it can be offered with either a female fixing at one end or both ends.

In sum, the two-bolt series offers flexible solutions to meet different machinery needs and operational conditions, contributing significantly to effective vibration control and better machinery performance.

Commonly used in the following sectors: Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive, Marine, Construction and Mining, Energy and Power Generation, Aerospace, Electronics and Telecommunications and Healthcare.

Benefits that make the two-bolt series a flexible, reliable, and efficient choice:

  • Customization: Each series can be manufactured in different hardness rubber compounds, allowing for a wide range of load deflection characteristics and providing tailored solutions for specific operational needs.

  • Variety of Fixings: The mountings typically come with a male fixing at each end, but they can also have different length fixings, male/female fixings, or even female/female fixings in certain cases, providing additional flexibility.

  • Service Life: The recommended best practice of selecting a mounting from the middle of the load range helps to extend the service life of the mountings, offering long-term efficiency and reliability.

  • Elasticity Control: Mountings with female fixings offer less elasticity, making them stiffer and more suitable for applications requiring rigid support.

  • Ease of Installation: Given the different types of fixings available (male, female, or a combination), the two-bolt series mountings are adaptable to a variety of installation setups. This adaptability can simplify the installation process, potentially reducing the time and labor needed to set up or replace these mounts in your machinery.

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