AL Mountings

AL Series Mountings: Expert Vibration Isolation and Dynamic Load Management for Mobile Equipment

AL series mountings are built for captive installations and specifically designed to isolate medium to high frequency vibrations. They exhibit a distinctive property of increasing stiffness with deflection, which aids in providing smooth cushioning to compression movements. In addition, they feature an internal rebound washer to limit movement arising from reverse loads.

These mountings are aptly suited for applications where dynamic loads cause movement that needs to be accommodated and restrained. To figure out the natural frequency of a given mounting under load, one should refer to the “effective deflection.” This is provided along with load/deflection characteristics on the lower scale for each series.

Due to their particular characteristics, the AL series mounts are a go-to option for mounting mobile equipment like mobile compressors, generators, and fan and motor equipment. By effectively damping vibrations, these mountings help prolong equipment lifespan, reduce noise, and improve the overall operation efficiency.

Whatsmore, the AL range is A.V.A’s own captive range and is only manufactured by us. If you are looking for a mount from the AL range, look no further.

Often used in these sectors: Industrial Machinery and Equipment, Automotive, Marine, Energy and Power Generation, Electronics, Aerospace and Construction.

Key benefits of the AL Range

  • Vibration Isolation: The AL series is specifically designed to isolate medium to high frequency vibrations, reducing wear and tear on the machinery and creating a quieter working environment.

  • Cushioning: With the unique property of increasing stiffness with deflection, the mounts provide smooth cushioning to movements in compression, making them ideal for dynamic load conditions.

  • Movement Limitation: The rebound washer fitted internally helps limit the movement that results from reverse loads, ensuring stable operation.

  • Accommodation of Dynamic Loads: The mounts are specifically designed to accommodate and restrain movement resulting from dynamic loads, providing more stability and extending the life of the machinery.

  • Versatile Applications: The AL series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including the mounting of mobile equipment such as mobile compressors, generators, and fan and motor equipment, making it a versatile choice in vibration control.

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