MS Series

Compact design in a captive arrangement

Avacone mountings are designed with a unique characteristic – they offer flexibility in the axial direction but limited movement radially. This feature makes these mountings particularly suitable for mounting mobile equipment, where movement in the horizontal plane needs to be both accommodated and restrained.

Due to their compact design, Avacone mountings can usually be installed into existing chassis members, providing convenience and potential cost savings. All Avacone mountings are easily identifiable by the letters ‘ms’ at the start of the part number.

To ensure optimal operation and safety, Avacone mountings should always be used with top and bottom rebound washers fitted above and below the mounting. This configuration creates a fully captive arrangement and helps prevent excessive movement that can result from shock and inertia loads.

The MS236 and MS238 series can be supplied fitted in a pedestal base, adding another layer of versatility to the Avacone range. There are several sizes available to accommodate different needs. For assistance in selecting the most suitable mounting for a specific application, customers can seek advice from the technical department.

Typical applications of Avacone mountings include gearboxes and transmission equipment, liquid storage tanks, mobile generating sets, mobile compressors, marine engines, radiators, and vehicle cab mountings. This range of applications demonstrates the versatility and usefulness of Avacone mountings in various scenarios.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Axial Flexibility: Avacone mountings are designed to offer flexibility in the axial direction, making them ideal for certain dynamic conditions in various applications.

  • Radial Restriction: These mountings provide limited radial movement, which is beneficial for applications requiring controlled horizontal motion.

  • Compact Design: Avacone mountings are compact and can be conveniently installed into existing chassis members, potentially reducing the time and resources needed for installation.

  • Captive Arrangement: When used with top and bottom rebound washers, Avacone mountings form a fully captive arrangement, which helps to prevent excessive movement caused by shock and inertia loads.

  • Ease of Identification: All Avacone mountings are identified with the prefix ‘ms’ in their part number, simplifying product identification and potentially streamlining inventory management and reordering processes. This clarity can help ensure that the correct part is used, promoting optimal performance and reducing the risk of equipment damage or downtime due to incorrect parts.

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