What we do

Our products have gained a worldwide reputation in the field of vibration control and are used in all spheres of technology to isolate vibration and to protect equipment from the effects of shock.

Rubber mountings are capable of sustaining large recoverable deformations, have a high energy storage capacity, excellent sound-absorbing properties and require no lubrication or maintenance.

We offer a full technical service covering the selection and positioning of mountings, including  the design of the most suitable mounting system, arrangement drawings and installation instructions.

We also design and manufacture bespoke mounts and moulded products to our customers’ requirements. 

Expertly made

Our mounts are manufactured from high-grade rubber compounds that have been specially developed (by us) to offer excellent mechanical properties and an extended service life. These compounds are bonded during the manufacturing process to metal inserts or attachment plates to provide a means for location and fixing, and to form mountings with a variety of stiffness characteristics for each direction of loading.

Family run and friendly

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Our Clients

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“Excellent technical advice, faultless products, competitive pricing, fast deliveries and staff who are “on the ball” are the reasons why A.J. Power have been installing A.V.A. mounts in their gensets since the day we opened.”

Kyle Carson, Commodity Buyer, AJ Power Ltd

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